Streaming Services

Williams College has a business prime account with Amazon which provides faculty and staff the ability to make business purchases with their college purchasing cards. Personal Amazon prime accounts are therefore not eligible for payment with college funds. Subscriptions to other online services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Spotify,… Continue reading »

Year End Memo 2021

May 2021   Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues: Wednesday, June 30, is the last day of the College’s fiscal year (FY21). This memo is packed with important accounting concepts and deadlines related to the fiscal year-end process and audit. You’ll find further details at   Appropriate Use of… Continue reading »

College Cell Phone Program

All college cell phone requests must go through the department head, the respective Senior Staff member and then be approved by the VP for Finance and Administration. If you have a college cell phone and need an upgrade in equipment or need to make a change in responsibility for your… Continue reading »


Amazon Business Prime Account Williams College has a business prime account with Amazon. The college strongly encourages all faculty and staff who purchase with Amazon to request an invitation to join the college’s business prime account using their email address and assign their purchasing card to this account. By… Continue reading »

New Updates To Finance

When processing a Journal Entry, you might see pop-ups. This is an example of a pop-up when Editing a Journal Entry: On the WMS_Financials_Report panel, the search criteria that you enter (not including the fiscal year) will carry over between the WMS_Report_Locator and Archived Report:… Continue reading »

New DSOA and PSOA Reports

Accessing reports has not changed. Click on the WMS Financial Reports icon on the Home screen: Or through the Main Menu: WMS Report Locator: For current year reports PDF files: Use to view or print report. The report will load faster and print without… Continue reading »

Archived Reports

Accessing Reports on the WMS Financial Reports page WMS Report Locator will contain current year reports. During July-September, there could two fiscal years available. There will be a message on the page to alert you to the years available. Prior year reports have been archived and will be available by… Continue reading »

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