PCard-Receipt Collection Policy

Effective immediately, faculty and staff are no longer required to submit receipts for any items purchased $50 and under.

For Faculty and staff only: (note this may not apply to every department)

      • For item over $50OBTAIN and SUBMIT receipts
      • For items purchased between $5 and $50OBTAIN receipt from vendor.  RETAIN the receipt electronically for 3 months from the date you file your reconciliation.  PROVIDE the receipt to the Finance Office if requested as part of the internal control audit.
      • For items under $5 – You no longer need to obtain or submit receipts.

For various reasons, certain departments need to require receipts for all transactions over $5.  Your supervisor will communicate with you directly if this is the case in your department.  Also, all requirements for charges to government grants must be met and supersede this new policy.

The Finance Office receives a daily report listing every pcard transaction.  The Finance Office will make random selections and may request that you provide the receipt for an under $50 item as part of our internal control procedures. All conditions outlined in the purchasing card agreement, including consequences of misuse of the card, apply as well as all federal grant requirements. Specifically, misuse of the card for personal or inappropriate reasons may result in termination of your card and personnel actions up to and including termination.

Requirements that remain in effect for ALL pcard transactions:

  • File your pcard recon in a timely manner even if no receipts are required
  • Provide a business purpose for ALL transactions regardless of the amount.  
  • Provide the names of the attendees and the business purpose for all meals.
  • Provide all information and attestations required for transactions on federal grants.

This policy change applies to faculty and staff only.  If students use a pcard to make purchases they must supply receipts for all purchases.  Also, this applies only to items purchased on the pcard, all reimbursement requests must be supported by receipts.

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