Purchasing Card Program

In order to maintain our system of internal controls during this time of remote working, we have updated our PCard reconciliation and submission procedures. Please go to the following link for more info Williams Purchasing Card Reconciliation and Submission Procedures.

How it works

Learn about the do’s and don’t’s of the purchasing card program by reading the Purchasing Card Policy. All Faculty members should review the Dean of Faculty Spending Guidelines, prior to using the pcard. Also please read the guidelines for retaining meal receipts while using the purchasing card PCard-Receipt Collection Policy.

To apply

Log into the finance system. Click on the Apply for a Pcard tile. Submit both the agreement and application electronically. For more information please read about our New Pcard Application Process.

To Reconcile

Refer to the Pcard instruction manual to learn how to reconcile transactions and print your expense report in PeopleSoft Finance.

The option to submit your purchasing card reconciliation electronically is now available. Click on this link Submit Pcard Recon Electronically to read a few requirements prior to sending your recon to [email protected]

If you realize that you’re missing a required receipt, make sure to fill out a Lost/Missing Receipt Affidavit.

Lost/Stolen Credit Card?

Immediately Call:

Mastercard 1-888-449-2273

As soon as possible email:

[email protected]