Taxi / Limo


In some cases it is most economical to hire a driver to transport an employee to the airport or train station.   The cost of the driver should be weighed against the mileage/parking costs or the length of time a College vehicle would be tied up at the airport/station.  There are many categories of drivers available:

The department hires a driver directly and pays that driver an hourly rate for his/her services and submits the invoice for reimbursement by Accounts Payable.

The driver may use a College vehicle to transport the employee, provided the driver has been approved by Facilities.
Click here to be directed to the listing of approved drivers.

Local transportation companies

There are several “limo” and taxi services available locally.  Each service has a set fee for transportation to various cities (Albany, Boston, NYC).  The employee is asked to sign an invoice at the conclusion of the trip.  Employees who choose to leave the driver a tip should so indicate that on the invoice.  Tips should be reasonable (no more than 15%).  The transportation service will bill the employee and an accounts payable voucher must be submitted to the Controller’s Office.

Norm’s Limo Policy and Procedures

Norm’s Limo will ask passengers to sign a slip indicating that they have received the transportation service.  If the passenger does not indicate a tip for the driver, Norm’s Limo will automatically add 15% as a tip when they bill the College.  Employees who want to control the amount of the trip should indicate a tip amount on the slip.

In the case where an employee uses his/her own car to get to the airport/train station the College will reimburse the employee for actual mileage and parking costs. NOTE: Employees cannot submit a request for mileage reimbursement and charge for gas. The IRS mileage rate includes compensation for gas and depreciation.

Transportation to/from Airport – Business Destination

In many cases the cost of an individual taking the airport shuttle to their hotel is often far less than the cost of that individual riding in a cab.  When time permits, individuals should explore utilizing airport/hotel shuttles.

When airport/hotel shuttles are not available the cost of a taxi will be reimbursed.  Limos and other luxury vehicles will not be covered.