Mobile Phones / Internet

Cell Phones

Certain employees will be issued a College cell phone for emergency contact and other business purposes.   These cell phones are intended for job-related activities.

College employees must obey the cell phone laws of the state they are traveling in.  Calls should not be made on a cell phone while an employee is driving a vehicle.  If you need to make a business call while driving to your destination, pull over the vehicle to make the call.

Internet Access / Access to a College Computer

In some cases it is critical for College employees to have access to the internet while away on business.   The College has procedures that must be followed to insure access in the most secure and economical way.  Employees should consult with the appropriate person in their department or with the Office of Information Technology to acquire the necessary access numbers.  Charges for internet access outside of the College’s procedures may not be reimbursed.