Williams Purchasing Card Reconciliation and Submission Procedures

In order to maintain our system of internal controls during this time of remote working, PCard Reconciliations, with documentation of the business purpose of the purchase are expected to be submitted to the Controller’s Office on a timely basis.  Our external auditors will test to confirm that the reconciliation process remained intact during this period.

 How to Create a Purchasing Card Recon Document:

 The PCard Reconciliation document is created by combining the WMS PCard Expense Report PDF and any supporting as follows:

  1. Run the WMS PCard Expense report
  2. Create files of any receipts for backup
  3. Combine Expense report and all backup files into one PDF document
    • Expense report should always be first
    • Supporting receipts should be in the same order as Expense report
    • Save the completed PDF document
      • The name of the PDF file for the WMS Pcard Expense report will have the following format:  WMS ID, last 4 digits of card & date of recon, separated by underscores, e.g. 1234567_6789_03272020.PDF
      • Please add your last name at the beginning of the file name to help us to easily identify cardholders, e.g Smith_1234567_6789_03272020.PDF.
    • Please make sure your pdf file is not locked.
  4. Signatures are not needed as we work remotely. Email correspondence will become the authorization for the Cardholder and Supervisor (if necessary)
    • Do not use Adobe Sign or other electronic signature.

Authentication and approvals of PCARD Recons

If Supervisor approval is needed:

    • Send completed document as an attachment to your Supervisor for approval.
    • Once approved, your Supervisor can forward to [email protected].
    • The email correspondence will be saved in your PCard recon in place of signatures.

If no Supervisor approval is needed:

    • Send completed document as an attachment to [email protected].
    • Do not share Google docs. We need email correspondence for the approval process.

For questions regarding the submission of PCard Recons, please reach out to [email protected].