Important Information Regarding Accounts Payable Payments

As a response to the COVID 19 outbreak and until further notice, the following will be the Accounts Payable payment schedule:

  • Every Wednesday for ACH Direct Deposit payments
  • 15th of the month for paper checks

New Secure Electronic ACH Direct Deposit and Taxpayer ID Information Submission: New forms have been created to enhance and accelerate the direct deposit and taxpayer identification number information gathering process. This new method is secure and very efficient. All vendors should be directed to these forms on the Controller’s Office website. The information will be delivered directly electronically to accounts payable.

Direct deposit:

We encourage all new vendors, as well as current vendors who have not previously signed up, to provide banking information so that payments may be made directly into their bank accounts. Please ask your vendors to complete the secure Direct Deposit form.

Taxpayer identification:

New vendors to Williams College must submit taxpayer identification information to receive payment. Vendors must complete and submit the Tax Form.

College Purchasing:

As always, we strongly encourage the use of the pcard for payment whenever possible.

How to submit vouchers for payment:

All vouchers for payment can be submitted electronically within the finance system.  The online forms are identical to the paper forms and are electronically processed so there is no need to print, sign and send through campus mail. If you are not currently submitting your vouchers online, please email [email protected] and someone will respond as soon as possible to get you established with online vouchering.